Grow&Fit invests in companies and stick with them until they get sold

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Does your company have the capital, knowledge and strategy to grow? Partner with us.

The Grow&Fit team has been helping companies secure capital, grow rapidly, and get sold for 30 years. We match entrepreneurs with the right investors and steer them to the best market segments, so they begin to generate profits, draw attention and get acquired for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Secure Capital

Secure Capital

Get matched with the investor that best fits your sector and growth stage. We’ll bring the right balance of equity and debt and work out all the financial and legal details, while you stick to what you do best: running the business.

Grow Fast

Grow Fast

Our growth plans are designed to maximize the value of your company and make it attractive to buyers. We position your product to fit the best market segments, manage analyst relations, build awareness and get the cash flowing.

Get Acquired

Get Acquired

Getting your company sold is our mission – and our specialty. We’ve done it a lot of times and know how to navigate the potential pitfalls that trip up a lot of companies.
Count on our experience to land a lucrative sale.

Why Grow&Fit?

We have turned our experience building and selling companies into a dependable growth formula

We have turned our experience building and selling companies into a dependable growth formula that maximizes the sellability and value of your company - so you get sold faster and for a lot more money.

Our leadership is never dry and distant. We are not a cash cow. We give you expert guidance infused with our own excitement about entrepreneurship and innovation. What we offer is a solid investment partnership built on a winning formula.

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Our suite of services is designed to walk your company from wherever you are, through steady growth, to successful exit. We can pick you up anywhere in the process and take you through to exit, or you can select any of our services as a standalone:


We design growth plans based on opportunities and fast tracks, and then guide you through execution, helping you make key decisions about product range, development priorities, technology selection, markets, channels, partnerships and recruiting. And we respect your every idea as entrepreneur.

Funding & Finances

Investors need a lot of questions answered before they get behind your idea. We’ll help you answer them, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you hit the right balance of debt and capital. We also help you optimize your existing capital and maintain a positive relationship with your investors, from funding through exit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you think your company is ready to sell, we can take it the rest of the way. Grow&Fit is connected to a wide network of companies with buying power. We are skilled negotiators and use experience-based methodology that considers all alternatives and gets companies sold at the right time for the right price.

Market Intelligence

In the crowded and fast-changing tech market, syncing with emerging trends and identifying new players requires a lot of time, resource and skill. Grow&Fit counts on wide market intelligence to monitor relevant competitors, identify key players, and stay on top of any factor that might affect success.

Analyst Relations

Grow&Fit maintains excellent personal and professional relationships with leading analysts at all major advisory companies, including Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Aberdeen and 451. Our companies get on the radar and appear in the top industry reports that buyers and investors rely on to make decisions.

Board Attendance

As board members, we align shareholders, keep investors confident, and manage all aspects of board operations. We sync agendas, build consensus, and also bring plenty of vision, expertise and ideas to your boardroom – all aimed at accelerating your business and preparing you for acquisition.

The Grow&Fit Difference

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who partner with emerging entrepreneurs. We are also skilled advisors, business mentors and technology experts whose single mission is to help you grow, make good decisions, navigate risks, avoid pitfalls, and get from ideation, to production, to expansion – to acquisition.

We are not a cash cow. We’re your partners, advisors, friends.

Grow&Fit is an uncommon tech investment firm. We believe that in order for innovation to continue to flourish, entrepreneurs need to get their ideas to market – and get their companies sold fast – so they can move on to the next big project.

We help B2B tech companies get matched with investors, family offices, business angels and private equity sources, grow rapidly and intelligently, and get sold in international markets, particularly the US.

We are definitely not a cash cow. We partner with our portfolio companies. Their challenges become ours to resolve. We pool all our skills, our wide network, our experience and our knowledge and invest them in your success.

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Your company is like a product. It has a value, a market and a target audience. From the very beginning, every decision must be made with the final sale in mind.

Our growth formula combines market intelligence, analyst relations and strategic development decisions and to make sure your product fits the market, reels in the right customers – and gets acquired.

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Contact us! We’d love to hear where you are now and where you’d like to be in 3 months.

We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who know how to do things right. We combine our deep experience and knowledge with a wide network of investors and key players across EMEA, APAC and particularly the US, to make your path to growth and acquisition a smooth and fruitful one.

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